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Table 1 Demographic data on 5 patients with neuropathological diagnosis of AD and PSP.

From: How to demix Alzheimer-type and PSP-type tau lesions out of their mixture -hybrid approach to dissect comorbidity-

Case Age at death Sex Clinical diagnosis Dementia Parkinsonism Duration of illness (year) Neuropathological findings Brain weight (g) Braak NFT stage Braak Amyloid stage
1 86 F CHF N. A PSP, AD 1205 II 0
2 94 M possible DLB + + 3 LB pathology,
1260 III A
3 81 M AD + 9 PSP, AD 1230 V C
4 85 M pneumonia N. A N. A N. A PSP, AD, CAA 1395 V C
5 80 M possible PSP + + 8 PSP, AD, AGD 1210 VI C
  1. AD Alzheimer disease, AG argyrophilic grain disease, CAA cerebral amyloid angiopathy, CHF congestive heart failure, DLB dementia with Lewy body, N. A not available, NFT neurofibrillary tangle, PSP progressive supranuclear palsy