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Table 2 The effect of PLX5622 drug treatment on PrPSc deposition in 79A scrapie-infected retinal inner segment, as detected by anti-PrP (D13) antibody staining

From: Microglia are not required for prion-induced retinal photoreceptor degeneration

  Time (dpi)
67 82 104 118 129/131 134 144 153 159/163
No Drug 0,0a 1,1 2,2 2,2 3,3 na D,3 D,D D,D
PLX5622b na na 2,2 2,2 3,3,3,D,D D na na na
  1. dpi Days post inoculation, na Not available
  2. aEach number represents mean PrPSc score of two sections from one mouse. Entire retinal sections were scored for PrPSc present in the IS, as follows; 0 = No staining visible in the inner segment over entire retinal section; 1 = Low: less than 50 scattered deposits; 2 = Medium: more than 50 deposits; 3 = High: staining confluent along entire section; D, degenerated inner and outer segment, so assessment of staining not possible
  3. bPLX5622 drug treatment was initiated at 90dpi, thus mice were not available at 67, 82 dpi. Last PLX5622-treated animal was euthanized at 134dpi