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Table 1 Profiles of cases of CAA and non-CAA patients analysed by LMD-LC-MS/MS

From: Apolipoprotein E and clusterin inhibit the early phase of amyloid-β aggregation in an in vitro model of cerebral amyloid angiopathy

Number Group Age Sex Lesion of brain hemorrhage Amyloid grading scalea Hypertension and medication Anticoagulants or antiplatelets Microbleeding at MRI (T2*) Patient number in Table 3 of [18]
A-1 CAA 66 F R temporo-parietal 4 No No negative 3
A-2 CAA 80 F L temporo-parietal 4 Yes, medication No NA 4
A-3 CAA 79 F L frontal 4 No No NA 5
A-4 CAA 74 F R frontal 4 Yes, medication No positive 6
A-5 CAA 71 F L frontal 4 Yes, medicationb No positive 7
A-6 CAA 63 F L parietal 4 No No negative 12
B-1 non-CAA 83 F R putamen and frontal 0 Yes, no medication No negative Not included
B-2 non-CAA 67 M R fronto-parietal 0 Yes, no medication No negative 25
B-3 non-CAA 75 M R temporo-parietal 0 No No NA 26
B-4 non-CAA 61 M R frontal 0 No No negative 28
B-5 non-CAA 68 M R frontal 0 Yes, medication No NA 27
  1. M male, F female, R right, L left, NA not applicable
  2. aPathological grading system for CAA by Greenberg SM et al. [9]
  3. bSelf-withdrawal 2 years before onset