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Fig. 5

From: Enhanced phosphorylation of T153 in soluble tau is a defining biochemical feature of the A152T tau risk variant

Fig. 5

Accumulation of soluble pT153 is specific to A152T carriers. a Recombinant wild-type (WT) and mutant tau proteins (including A152T, A152T/T153A, and T153A) were phosphorylated in vitro with GSK3β, and subsequently evaluated by immunoblotting. 100 ng of each recombinant phosphorylated protein was loaded, followed by detection with phospho-specific antibody (pT153) and E1 (human-tau specific antibody) to confirm equal protein loading. b Biochemical fractionation followed by immunoblotting reveals significant accumulation of pT153 in the S1 and S2 soluble fractions in A152T-AAV mice, while pT153-positive tau is detected in the P3 fraction in P301L-AAV mice. c The amount of pT153 and total tau in the soluble S1 fraction from frontal cortex of A152T carriers and noncarriers with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was evaluated by immunoblotting

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