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Table 2 Ordinal and linear regression models predicting AT8 tau deposition, CD68 cell density, and PSD-95 concentration

From: Variation in TMEM106B in chronic traumatic encephalopathy

  AT8 tau pathology CD68 cell density PSD-95 concentration
OR 95% CI p-value OR 95% CI p-value B 95% CI p-value
TMEM106B minor G allele (additive) 0.42 0.22–0.79 0.008 0.53 0.29–0.98 0.04 0.31 0.07–0.55 0.01
  1. TMEM106B genotype rs3173615; additive genetic models adjusted for age at death and years of American football participation; AT8 tau pathology and CD68 cell density are stratified into quartiles and OR is for a one quartile increase; PSD-95 concentration is in standardized units; OR = odds ratio; B = standardized beta; n = 81 (AT8), 84 (CD68), or 37 (PSD-95). Cases were not included for analysis if staining was not successful due to poor tissue quality, the tissue sources had been exhausted, or brains arrived as fragments and did not include the area of analysis