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Table 1 Variant filtering of whole genome sequencing (WGS) reads

From: Isolated nigral degeneration without pathological protein aggregation in autopsied brains with LRRK2 p.R1441H homozygous and heterozygous mutations

  Family A Family B
ID A-II-2 A-II-6 B-III-2 B-III-6
Phenotype PD PD PD PD
Mean depth of coverage 31.30 31.66 29.65 33.11
Exonic or splicing variants 20,330 20,417 20,594 20,680
Frequency < 0.0001 245 260 286 244
Consensus variants of each families 89 85
Consensus variants of all subjects 13
  1. The variants detected in WGS were filtered using our criteria: (1) located in exons or splicing sites; (2) frequencies from variant databases (ExAC, Exome Variant Server, and HGVD) less than 0.0001. Consensus variants were selected regardless of zygosity