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Table 1 Contingency table of samples used for microarray gene expression profiling and overall survival analysis

From: Transcriptomic and epigenetic profiling of ‘diffuse midline gliomas, H3 K27M-mutant’ discriminate two subgroups based on the type of histone H3 mutated and not supratentorial or infratentorial location

Tumor location Histone H3 mutational status Total number of samples
H3.3-G34R H3.1-K27M H3.3-K27M H3.1 & H3.3-WT
Cortex 6 0 0 35 41
Pons 0 13 26 6 45
Non-thalamic midline 0 0 2 12 14
Thalamic midline 0 0 12 7 19
  1. One hundred and nineteen high-grade glioma samples were divided in four groups according to their location either in the pontine (DIPG), cortical or thalamic area of the brain as well as the non-thalamic midline, i.e. spinal cord, cerebellum or peduncle tumors classified as ‘non-thalamic midlines’