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Fig. 7

From: Membrane binding, internalization, and sorting of alpha-synuclein in the cell

Fig. 7

Rab7 reduces the formation of dimers in cells treated with WT aSyn monomers. a ICC and b Immunoblotting of H4 cells transfected with Rab7-GFP and treated as described above. d and e The overexpression of the Rab7 dominant negative (DN) does not affect the degradation of the internalized aSyn. c and f Quantifications of the immunoblots in panels B and E. Dotted bars refer to the band corresponding to aSyn dimers (aSyn**), and clear bars refer to aSyn monomers (aSyn*). Statistical tests were performed using one-way ANOVA with repeated-measures for grouped analysis, followed by Tukey’s post-hoc tests. Data were expressed as mean ± SEM and a 0.5% general significance level was defined, with significance levels as follows: *: p < 0.05; **: p < 0.01; ***: p < 0.001. The significance is shown with the symbol “#” for the monomers, with the symbol “+” for the dimers and with the symbol “*” for the sum between monomers and dimers. Scale bar: 30 μm

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