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Fig. 2

From: Membrane binding, internalization, and sorting of alpha-synuclein in the cell

Fig. 2

aSyn associates with membranes and forms high molecular weight species during the internalization process in H4 cells. a Immunoblot of the biotinylation assay of cells treated with aSyn monomers or fibrils (tubulin is used as a loading control). b Quantification of the levels of aSyn present in the biotinylated fraction (membrane-associated aSyn). Statistical test was performed using one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s post-hoc tests, *p < 0.01 c Dot blot of the size exclusion chromatography fractions of lysates of untreated cells, cells treated with 1 μM of aSyn monomers, and cells treated with 1 μM of aSyn fibrils. The black box highlights monomeric aSyn, while the red boxes highlight the presence of high molecular weight species of aSyn. d Triton X-100 fractionation, with the soluble (left panel) and the insoluble fractions (right panel), treated as described

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