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Fig. 9 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Fig. 9

From: Optic nerve as a source of activated retinal microglia post-injury

Fig. 9

Comparison of CD11c-GFPhi cells in the optic nerve and optic nerve head 11 days after an ONT. a Sections (S) prepared from ipsilateral eye following a partial ONT, and the contralateral retina/optic nerve. The site of the transection on S7 and S8 is indicated by the boxes on the stained and merged sections. The adjacent S7 section showing the GFPhi cells was merged onto the H&E stained S8 section. b Sections prepared from an ipsilateral eye following a full ONT, and the contralateral eye. Sections included detection of GFPhi cells and staining for CD11b on sections. c Naive retina and 2nd antibody only controls. Serial 12 μm thick sections were cut. White scale bar is 100 μm. GFP = green; anti-CD11b = red; DAPI = blue

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