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Fig. 6 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Fig. 6

From: Optic nerve as a source of activated retinal microglia post-injury

Fig. 6

The distribution of GFPhi and GFPlo microglia in the naive retina and 10 days post-ONC in CD11cGFP mice. Cells in the NFL/RGC were divided into two categories, those adjacent (A) to nerve fibers or RGC soma and those in contact (C) with nerve fibers or RGC soma (see, Additional file 6: Figure S6). Cells in the IPL (I) and OPL (O) were counted, and total numbers (T) are given. Each bar represents the average of 4 retinas with 4 fields in each retina, whether central or peripheral, and repeated for each of the 4 layers. *, p < 0.05

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