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Fig. 5

From: Optic nerve as a source of activated retinal microglia post-injury

Fig. 5

Presence and distribution and of GFPhi and YFPhi microglia in naïve retina and at days 6, 10, 21, and 31 post-ONT in CX3CR1YFP:CD11cGFP mice. a Confocal stack of the RGC/NFL in naive retina showing the ONH and peripapillary region. Yellow and green arrows point to a YFPhiGFPlo cell and a YFPhiGFPhi cell, respectively. (A2) Enlarged view (insets) of the two ramified microglia shown above. Visualization of the YFP channel only results in both cells appearing yellow in this image. b Appearance of GFPhi cells in the ipsilateral retinas 6 and 10 days after a partial ONT showing the rapid progression of the GFPhi cell response. Note: The day 10 retina is the same retina as shown in panel E day 6 fundus photo in Fig. 4a of partial transections. Red = β3-tubulin; Yellow = YFP; Green = GFP. White arrows point to the ONH. c Dense association of GFPhi cells with nerve fibers in the ipsilateral retina at 21 days post-partial transection. d GFPhi cells declined substantially in retina by 31 days post-ONT

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