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Table 2 Tau antibodies used in this study

From: Characterisation of tau in the human and rodent enteric nervous system under physiological conditions and in tauopathy

Name Specificity Epitope (a.a) Source and dilution
A0024 Tau All tau isoforms 243–441 (2N4R) Dako, rp (WB 1:1000; IHC 1:500)
TAU-5 All tau isoforms 210–241 (2N4R) ThermoFisher, mm (WB 1:1000)
Tau-1 All tau isoforms 189–207 (2N4R) Merck, mm, clone PC1C6 (WB 1:2000)
TP70 All tau isoforms 428–441 (2N4R) IOP, KCL, rp (WB 1:500)
Anti tau RD3 3R tau Isoforms 267–282 (2N3R) Merck, mm, clone 8E6 (WB 1:1000; IHC 1:500)
Anti tau RD4 4R tau isoforms 275–291 (2N4R) Merck, mm, clone 1E1/A6 (WB 1:1000)
Anti 4R-tau 4R tau isoforms NS Cosmo bio co., rp (WB 1:2000; IHC 1:1000)
Anti 0 N-tau 0 N Tau isoforms 39–50 (0N3R) BioLegend, mm (WB 1:500)
AT8 Tau ℗ S202/T205 Tau ℗ S202/T205 Innogenetics, mm (WB 1:1000)
PHF-1 Tau ℗ S396/S404 Tau ℗ S396/S404 Gift from Peter Davies, mm (WB 1:500)
PHF13 Tau ℗ S396 Tau ℗ S396 Cell Signaling, mm (WB 1:1000)
CP13 Tau ℗ S202 Tau ℗ S202 Gift from Peter Davies, mm (IHC 1:200)
  1. The name, specificity, epitope, source and dilution of the antibodies used in this study are shown.
  2. Abbreviations: a.a. amino-acids, IHC immunohistochemistry, IOP, KCL Institute of Psychiatry, King’s college London, mm mouse monoclonal, NS not specified, rp rabbit polyclonal, WB western blot