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Table 2 Immunohistochemistry panel

From: Doublecortin-expressing cell types in temporal lobe epilepsy

Antibody Product code, Supplier Dilution (method) Target Epitope
4606, Cell Signaling Tech. Boston, US. *Used in [28] 1:250 (IHC, IF) Amino acid sequence 40–70 and 350–410 of human DCX
AB18723, Abcam, Cambridge, UK.
*Used in [34, 40]
1:4000 (IF) AA 300 to the C-terminus of synthetic human DCX
SC-8066, Santa Cruz Biotech. Heidelberg, Germany.
*Used in [11, 24, 27]
1:400 (IF) C-terminus 365–402 of human DCX
AB2253, EMD Millipore, Watford UK.
*Used in [45, 46]
1:1000 (IHC, IF) C-terminus 350–365
Nestin AB22035, Abcam, Cambridge, UK. 1:1000 (IHC, IF) 150 aa recombinant fragment from human nestin conjugated to GST
Nestin AB105389, Abcam, Cambridge, UK. 1:100 (IF) Synthetic peptide corresponding to the C terminus of Human Nestin.
Sox 2 AB5603, EMD Millipore, Hertfordshire, UK. 1:400 (IF) KLH-conjugated linear peptide corresponding to a C-terminal region sequence of human Sox2
GFAP-∂ AB93251, Abcam, Cambridge, UK, 1:4000 (IF) Synthetic peptide conjugated to KLH derived from within residues 350 to the C-terminus of Mouse GFAP ∂
GFAP Z0334, DAKO, Cambridgeshire, UK. 1:1500 (IF) GFAP
NeuN MAB377, EMD Millipore, Hertfordshire, UK. 1:100 (IF) Purified neuronal nuclei
Iba1 019–19,741, WAKO, Osaka, Japan. 1:6000 (IF) Synthetic peptide corresponding to C-terminus of Iba1
CD68 AB783, Abcam, Cambridge, UK. 1:50 (IF) Macrophages, microglia
CD34 IR632, DAKO, Cambridgeshire, UK. 1:25 (IF) Endothelial cells
Olig 2 AB9610, EMD Millipore Hertfordshire, UK 1:200 (IF) Recombinant mouse Olig-2
PDGFR-beta AB32570, Abcam, Cambridge, UK. 1:1000 (IF) Synthetic peptide within Human PDGF Receptor beta aa 1050 to the C-terminus
MCM2 610,700, BD biosciences, Oxford, UK. 1:900 (IF) Human BM28 aa. 725–888
  1. For all antibodies, sections were pre-treated in sodium citrate solution (pH 6.0) microwaved at 800 W for twelve minutes. All primary antibodies were incubated overnight at 4 °C, except for anti-Iba1, CD68 and GFAP which were incubated for an hour at room temperature, and anti-GFAP ∂ which was incubated for 48 h at 4 °C. *Previous studies using DCX in human tissue studies.
  2. Abbreviations: IHC immunohistochemistry, IF immunofluorescence