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Table 1 Clinical and pathology details of cases and control groups (Further detail of each case is available in Additional file 1: Table S1)

From: Doublecortin-expressing cell types in temporal lobe epilepsy

Group Tissue type NUMBER Predominant pattern of HS in body Age (at surgery or death); mean (range, years) Gender Regions examined/study
Adult epilepsy TLE/HS (S1–13) Surgical Fixed 13 ILAE Type 1 HS 41.3 (22–54) 7F: 6 M HB,PES,PHG,TPole, TLobe, Amyg / qIHC
Paediatric epilepsy TLE/HS (S1–5) Surgical Fixed 5 ILAE type 1 HS only 12.2 (8–15) 2F: 3 M HB, TLobe / q IHC
Adult epilepsy TLE/NO HS (S19–24) Surgical Fixed 6 NO HS 28.6 (24–35) 2F: 4 M HB,PES,PHG,TPole, TLobe, Amyg / q IHC
Adult epilepsy (EPM1–16) Post Mortem 16 ILAE type 1 HS in 8 CASES 48.7 (18–75) 8F: 8 M HB, PHG, Amyg, Temporal Cortex (Both hemispheres included in 4 cases) / q IHC
Adult non-epilepsy controls (C1–12) Post mortem 12 No HS 56.4 (28–85) 5F: 7 M HB, PHG, Amyg, Temporal Cortex / q IHC
Adult epilepsy TLE/HS Fresh 83
All HS (16 with TLS)
All HS (15 with TLS)
36.3 (16–63)
35.6 (16–57)
Middle temporal gyrus (cortex) / RNA
Adult non-epilepsy controls Fresh 73b
50.8 (20–79)
28.8 (13–55)
Middle temporal gyrus (cortex)/ RNA
A1C, inferior and superior TC
  1. S surgical epilepsy case, EPM adult epilepsy post-mortem, C Post-mortem control, HB Hippocampal body, PES pes hippocampus, PHG parahippocampal gyrus, TPole temporal pole, TLobe temporal lobe, TLS temporal lobe sclerosis, Amyg amygdala, HS hippocampal sclerosis, qIHC qualitative and quantitative immunohistochemistry, RNAseq RNA sequencing and expression analysis, ILAE International League against epilepsy, TLE temporal lobe epilepsy.
  2. aOnly samples from adolescence and young and middle adulthood period. Controls from Kang et al.
  3. bSamples obtained from the MRC brain bank, Edinburgh. A1C = Primary auditory cortex