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Fig. 5

From: The involvement of tau in nucleolar transcription and the stress response

Fig. 5

Immunogold electron microscopy to localise tau in the human brain neuronal nucleus. Brain sections labelled with T-Tau (10 nm gold) showed the presence of tau in the (ai) nucleus and nucleolus (circle in blue) (aii). Double immunogold labelling for Tau 1 (nP-Tau) (15 nm) (white arrows) and TIP5 (5 nm) (black arrows) showed that they associate in neuronal nucleolus in human brain (bi zoomed in bii, see insert for labelling in the nucleolus and nucleolar border). Representative images are shown. Single labelling experiments (a) were conducted on sections from two human cases, while double labelling (b) was conducted on three cases. For both single and double labelling, four grids were taken from each case, from which four nuclei per grid of medium to large size were randomly selected and imaged

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