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Fig. 6

From: The presubiculum is preserved from neurodegenerative changes in Alzheimer’s disease

Fig. 6

pGlu-Aβ immunohistochemistry in the presubiculum and entorhinal cortex

Immunohistochemical analysis of pGlu truncated Aβ species was carried out with four antibodies Aβ-pE3 (a; Synaptic systems 218,311; clone 1–57); Aβ-pE3 (b; Synaptic systems 218,011; clone 2–48); Aβ-pE3 (c; Synaptic systems 218,003); Aβ-pE11 (d; Synaptic systems 218,811; clone 173D8); Aβ4-x (e; [83]; Aβ1–5 (f; Synaptic systems 218,231). All antibodies showed a degree of positive staining in both the presubiculum and the entorhinal cortex. Bar in A represents 250 μm in a, b, c and d and 20 μm in the inserts

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