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Table 1 Characteristics of the primary and secondary antibodies

From: A53T-α-synuclein overexpression in murine locus coeruleus induces Parkinson’s disease-like pathology in neurons and glia

Antigen Host Cat. No. Manufacturer Dilution
Tyrosine Hydroxylase Rabbit AB152 Merck Millipore 1:1000
Tyrosine Hydroxylase Sheep AB1542 Merck Millipore 1:1000
AAV VP1/VP2/VP3 Rabbit 61,084 Progen 1:250
Alpha-synuclein (p-S129) Rabbit ab51253 Abcam 1:2000
Alpha-synuclein (syn211) Mouse AHB0261 ThermoFisher 1:1000
Luciferase Goat NB100–1677 Novus Biologicals 1:250
GFAP Chicken ab4674 Abcam 1:2000
IbA1 Rabbit 019–19,741 Wako 1:500
Ubiquitin (Ubi-1) Mouse ab7254 Abcam 1:2000
SQSTM1/p62 Mouse ab56416 Abcam 1:2000
Olig2 Rabbit ab109186 Abcam 1:500
MAP2 Chicken ab5392 Abcam 1:2000
Anti-rabbit AlexaFluor488 Donkey A-21206 Invitrogen 1:1000
Anti-goat AlexaFluor488 Donkey A-11055 Invitrogen 1:1000
Anti-mouse AlexaFluor488 Donkey A-2102 Invitrogen 1:1000
Anti-chicken Cy3 Donkey 703–165-155 Jackson ImmunoResearch 1:1000
Anti-mouse Cy3 Donkey 715–165-150 Jackson ImmunoResearch 1:1000
Anti-goat Cy3 Donkey 705–165-147 Jackson ImmunoResearch 1:1000
Biotinylated anti-rabbit Donkey 711–065-152 Jackson ImmunoResearch 1:1000
Biotinylated anti-mouse Donkey 715–065-151 Jackson ImmunoResearch 1:1000
Biotinylated anti-goat Donkey 705–065-147 Jackson ImmunoResearch 1:1000
Streptavidin AlexaFluor647 Donkey 016–600-084 Jackson ImmunoResearch 1:1000