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Fig. 1

From: Proteomics analysis identifies new markers associated with capillary cerebral amyloid angiopathy in Alzheimer’s disease

Fig. 1

Workflow used in this study. Amyloid Beta pathology was visualized in human postmortem occipital lobe tissue. Unaffected grey matter was isolated from healthy control cases. Grey matter with high burden of Aβ pathology was isolated from the AD and CAA cases thereby isolating tissue with high plaque load or high CAA type-1 burden, respectively

Tissue was lysed and the proteins were separated using SDS-PAGE and subjected to in-gel trypsin digestion. Peptides were analysed using LC-MS-MS. A database search for protein identification and protein quantification was performed using MaxQuant software. ANOVA (Kruskall Wallis) and t-tests were performed to identify significantly regulated proteins

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