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Table 1 Clinical and neuropathological information

From: Three-dimensional analysis of synapses in the transentorhinal cortex of Alzheimer’s disease patients

Patient Gender Age (years) Cause of death Postmortem delay (h) Braak Stage CERAD Stage Neuropsychological diagnosis
AB1 Male 45 Lung cancer < 1 NA NA NA
AB2 Female 53 Pulmonary shock 4 NA NA NA
IF10 Male 66 Bronchopneumonia plus cardiac failure 2 NA NA NA
M16 Male 40 Traffic accident 3 NA NA NA
M17 Male 36 Bronchopneumonia 2.5 NA NA NA
IF1 Female 80 2 IV B No evidence of cognitive impairment and dementia
IF2 Female 94 Pulmonary tuberculosis 1.5 V C Dementia
IF6 Male 85 Pneumonia 2 III A Mild cognitive impairment
VK11 Female 87 Respiratory inflammation 1.5 III−IV A Dementia
VK22 Female 86 2 V C Dementia
  1. NA Not applicable, NFTs neurofibrillary tangles, - Not available
  2. Braak Stages [11]: III (NFTs in entorhinal cortex and closely related areas); III−IV (NFTs abundant in amygdala and hippocampus. Extending slightly into association cortex); V−VI (NFTs widely distributed throughout the neocortex and ultimately involving primary motor and sensory areas). CERAD Stages [48]: A (Low density of neuritic plaques); B (Intermediate density of neuritic plaques); C (High density of neuritic plaques)