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Table 2 Characterization and location of PrPSc deposits in tg66 mice injected with Y226X human brain tissue

From: Familial human prion diseases associated with prion protein mutations Y226X and G131V are transmissible to transgenic mice expressing human prion protein

  Brain regionsa
Dpib Pons Thalamus Superior Colliculus Hypothalamus Cerebral cortex
593 P C C P neg
601 P&PN C C PN PN
716 P&PN neg neg P P (rare)
718 P&PN neg C (rare) neg C (weak)
  1. a-Types of PrPSc deposits seen in the indicated brain regions: P = plaque-like, PN = perineuronal linear or pericellular deposits, C = coarse deposits in neuropil, neg = negative
  2. b-Days post-injection with human Y226X brain tissue