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Table 1 Human sample information

From: Lack of pathogenic potential of peripheral α-synuclein aggregates from Parkinson’s disease patients

Case Gender Age at death (years) Diagnosis aSyn in SG PMI
PD#1 Female 84 PD stage 5 positive 4.5
PD#2 Female 81 PD stage 5 positive 6.5
PD#3 Male 68 PD stage 4 positive 9.33
Ctrl#1 Female 89 AD VI C+ TDP amygdala negative 4.25
Ctrl#2 Male 88 AD IV C + thalamic infarct negative 18.25
  1. PD Parkinson’s disease, AD Alzheimer type pathology according to Braak staging (I-VI) and CERAD criteria (A-C), TDP Transactive response DNA binding protein 43 kDa, aSyn α-synuclein, SG stellate ganglion, PMI postmortem interval (hours)