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Fig. 5

From: Clinical and neuropathological features of ALS/FTD with TIA1 mutations

Fig. 5

TIA1 immunohistochemistry (IHC) and double-label immunofluorescence (IF) of lower motor neurons from cases with TIA1 mutations. Representative image of TIA1 IHC with the rabbit polyclonal (Santa Cruz #sc-28,237, clone H-120) antibody showing delicate granular cytoplasmic staining (a). Double label IF with pTDP (green) and TIA1 (red) antibodies failed to show co-localization of TIA1 in compact (b), filamentous (c) or granular pTDP-43-ir NCI (d). Scale bar: a and d, 24 μm; b and c, 16 μm

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