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Fig. 2

From: Clinical and neuropathological features of ALS/FTD with TIA1 mutations

Fig. 2

Histological changes in TIA1 mutation carriers. Cross section of spinal cord showing severe loss of myelin stain in the corticospinal tracts (CST) (a). Lower motor neurons containing Bunina bodies (arrow) (b) and large, round cored Lewy body-like inclusions (LBLI) (c, d) or round eosinophilic inclusions without distinct cores (e) were present in the medulla and spinal cord. Extra-motor pathology included chronic degeneration with superficial, laminar microvacuolation of the prefrontal cortex (f). a and e, HE/LFB stain; b - d and f, HE stain. Scale bar: a, 1200 μm; b, 7 μm, c, 23 μm; d and e, 15 μm; f, 205 μm

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