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Table 2 Characteristics of the autopsy cases examined

From: The chronically inflamed central nervous system provides niches for long-lived plasma cells

Sample ID Diagnosis Presence of CD138+ cells Age died Treatment Disease duration Lesion localization Lesion activity
MS 5 Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis + 66 Tamoxifen 21 years juxtacortical chronic active
MS 6 Multiple sclerosis + 44 Morphine and Baclofene 22 years cortex chronic active
MS 7 Multiple sclerosis 57 Antibiotics, Morphine, Insuline 27 years cortex chronic active
MS 8 Multiple sclerosis 56 Paracetamol, Cannabis tea, Vitamine D 32 years cortex and white matter chronic active
MS 9 Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis + 58 Morphine and Midazolam 18 years white matter chronic active
  1. MS multiple sclerosis