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Table 1 Cohort characteristics

From: Neuron loss and degeneration in the progression of TDP-43 in frontotemporal lobar degeneration

n 63
FTLD Type (A, B, C, E) 17, 21, 20, 5
Age onset 62.1 (9.2)
Age Death 68.8 (10.2)
Sex (m, f) 32, 31
Brain Wt 1110.0 g (188.6)
GRN Cases 12
C9orf72 Cases 17
Clinical Diagnosis
 AD 8
 ALS 3
 CBD 3
 FTD-bvFTD 22
 MID 1
 PSP 1
Primary Neuropath Diagnosis FTLD-TDP
Secondary Neuropath Diagnosis
 AD 9
 AGD 5
 ALS 1
 HS 2
 LBD 1
 None 21
 PART 24
  1. All data are expressed as mean (standard deviation). Clinical diagnoses reflect a patient’s diagnosis at time of death. AD alzheimer’s disease, AGD argyrophilic grain disease, ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, CBD corticobasal syndrome, FTD-bvFTD behavioral variant FTD; FTD-NOS FTD not otherwise specified, FTD-PPA primary progressive aphasia, HS hippocampal sclerosis, LBD lewy body dementia, MID multi-infarct dementia, PART primary age-related tauopathy, PSP progressive supranuclear palsy