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Fig. 2

From: Mutation-induced loss of APP function causes GABAergic depletion in recessive familial Alzheimer’s disease: analysis of Osaka mutation-knockin mice

Fig. 2

Memory impairment in OSK-KI mice. Spatial reference memory of mice was examined at 4 (a), 6 (b), and 8 months (c) using the Morris water maze. Each point represents the mean latency of five trials per day ± SEM. (a) *p < 0.05 versus hetero-KI when means of day 4 were separately compared using the Tukey-Kramer test. (b) *p < 0.05 versus non-KI and <0.05 versus hetero-KI. (c) *p < 0.05 versus non-KI and <0.05 versus hetero-KI

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