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Table 1 Antibodies used in this study

From: Propagation of pathological α-synuclein in marmoset brain

Primary antibodies Type Source Dilution
pS129 (phosphorylated a-syn) rabbit mono Abcam (ab51253) 1:2000
LB509 (human a-syn) mouse mono Gift from Dr Iwatsubo 1:1000
75–91 (a-syn 75–91) rabbit poly Cosmo bio (CAC-TIPSNP08) 1:1000
131–141 (a-syn 131–140) rabbit poly Cosmo bio (CAC-TIPSNP09) 1:1000
#2642 (a-syn) rabbit poly Cell Signaling Tech (#2642) 1:1000
Anti-p62 guinea pig poly Progen (GP62-C) 1:1000
Anti-Ub rabbit poly Dako (Z0458) 1:1000
Anti-Ub mouse mono Millipore (MAB1510) 1:1000
Anti-TH rabbit poly Millipore (AB152) 1:1000
Anti-TH mouse mono Millipore (MAB318) 1:1000
Anti-NeuN mouse mono Millipore (MAB377) 1:1000
Anti-GFAP mouse mono Sigma (G3893) 1:1000
Anti-CNPase mouse mono Abcam (ab6319) 1:200
Anti-Iba1 rabbit poly Wako (016–20001) 1:1000