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Fig. 3 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Fig. 3

From: Amyloid-β 1–24 C-terminal truncated fragment promotes amyloid-β 1–42 aggregate formation in the healthy brain

Fig. 3

Intracranial injection of H-Aβ42/H-Aβ24 mix in wt mice induces spreading of misfolded Aβ. a 6E10 DAB staining of hippocampal brain sections 6 months after H-Aβ42/H-Aβ24 mix injection. Sagittal plane sections are shown on the left; middle and right panels show enlargements of cerebral cortex; the injected hemisphere is referred as ipsilateral (top panel) and the non-injected one as contralateral (bottom panel). 6E10-immunopositive aggregates are visible on a cresyl violet-luxol fast blue counterstaining. Scale bars: left 1 mm, middle 100 μm, right 50 μm. b Quantification of 6E10 DAB positive plaques in the contralateral hemisphere 6 months after the injection of vehicle, H-Aβ42, H-Aβ24 or H-Aβ42/H-Aβ24 mix. 6 brain sections were analyzed for each mouse (N = 3 mice for each group). Statistical analysis was performed by One way Anova, Bonferroni multiple comparison test (**** P < 0.0001, *** P < 0.001). c Representative images of 6E10 DAB positive aggregates at the hippocampal level 6 months after Aβ injection. Scale bar: left and middle 100 μm, right 50 μm

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