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Fig. 10 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Fig. 10

From: Amyloid-β 1–24 C-terminal truncated fragment promotes amyloid-β 1–42 aggregate formation in the healthy brain

Fig. 10

Two-fold a and three-fold b symmetric structural models reported for Aβ40 by Tycko et al. [94]; and c the NMR model by Ishii et al. [89]. Peptide residues 9 to 24 shown in solid orange; residues 25 to 40 are transparent; residues 1–8 were not resolved. d same as c), with the 16–21 KLVFFA region highlighted; KLVFFA has been crystallized by Eisenberg et al. in the antiparallel configuration [79]

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