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Table 1 Patient demographics and summary of neuropathological analyses

From: Neuropathology of supercentenarians - four autopsy case studies

  Case 1 (111 yo) Case 2 (111 yo) Case 3 (114 yo) Case 4 (110 yo)
Sex Female Female Female Female
Past medical history HT-, DM- HT-, DM- HT-, DM- HT+, DM-
Clinical condition before death Clear communication, wheel chair No dementia Clear communication, wheel chair Almost clear communication, wheel chair
Barthel index
NA due to refusal
Age 106
Age 106
Age 108
MMSE was 18 at age 113 and 114
Age 109
Cause of death Heart failure Renal failure Senility Sepsis
APOE 2/3 2/3 3/3 3/3
Brain weight (fresh) 460 (left hemisphere) 925 1,015 1,115
Atrophy F, T F, T F, T T
A-beta, Thal phase 3 (A2) 3 (A2) 1 (A1) 2 (A1)
NFT stage (AT8) (Braak) III (B2) IV (B2) III (B2) IV (B2)
Neuritic plaques (CERAD) Moderate (C2) Moderate (C2) Sparse (C1) Moderate (C2)
CAA None None None Mild
AD pathological changes (NIA-Reagan) Intermediate Intermediate Unclassified Intermediate
AD pathological changes (NIA-AA) Intermediate Intermediate Low
PART possible
ARTAG Subpial, subependymal, gray matter, white matter, perivascular Subpial, gray matter, white matter Subpial, gray matter, white matter Subpial, subependymal, gray matter, perivascular
Arteriolosclerosis Mild to moderate Mild to moderate Mild to moderate Mild to moderate
White matter rarefaction Moderate Mild Mild Moderate
État criblé (basal ganglia and thalamus) Moderate Severe Severe Moderate
Vascular brain injury Multiple cortical infarcts None None None
Alpha-synuclein pathology None None None None
TDP-43 pathology Present, subiculum, PHG Present, subiculum, PHG Uncus, sparse Uncus, sparse
Hippocampal sclerosis None None None None
Hirano bodies/GVD (Hippocampus) Present/present Present/present Present/present Present/present
  1. Abbreviations: ARTAG aging-related tau astrogliopathy, CAA cerebral amyloid angiopathy, CDR Clinical Dementia Rating, CERAD Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease, DM diabetes mellitus, F frontal lobe, GVD granulovaculaor degeneration, HT hypertension, MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination, NA not available, NIA National Institute on Aging, NIA-AA NIA-Alzheimer’s Association, T temporal lobe, yo years old