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Table 1 Accession numbers of featured proteins from the NCBI Protein database (

From: Revisiting rodent models: Octodon degus as Alzheimer’s disease model?

Species Accession number
Amyloid-beta A4 protein isoform a precursor
 Homo sapiens NP_000475.1
 Cavia porcellus XP_003467233.1
 Chinchilla lanigera XP_005375649.1
 Octodon degus XP_004627753.1
 Heterocephalus glaber XP_004898345.1
 Jaculus jaculus XP_004654437.1
 Mus musculus NP_001185752.1
 Rattus norvegicus NP_062161.1
 Cricetulus griseus ERE75573.1
 Mesocricetus auratus XP_005073973.1
 Peromyscus maniculatus XP_006988006.1
 Microtus ochrogaster XP_005345348.1
Microtubule-associated protein tau
 Homo sapiens NP_001116538.2
 Octodon degus XP_004630049