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Table 1 Summary of iPSCs in this study

From: Modeling Alexander disease with patient iPSCs reveals cellular and molecular pathology of astrocytes

clone name clinical character GFAP genotype Sex Age at onset Age at sampling
HC1 healthy wild female - 36
HC2 healthy wild female - 67
HC3 healthy wild male - 74
Alex1 Alexander disease type I R239C (c. 729 C > T) male 2 6
Alex2 Alexander disease type I E63K (c.205 G > A) female 3 10
Alex3 Alexander disease type II R276L (c.827 G > T) female 33 45
  1. Abbreviations: GFAP Glial fibrillary acidic protein, HC Healthy control
  2. Alex1 was generated from patient fibroblasts (GM16825) from Coriell Institute (Camden, NJ)