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Table 2 Antibodies used in this study

From: Neuronal accumulation of unrepaired DNA in a novel specific chromatin domain: structural, molecular and transcriptional characterization

Antibody Marker Type Origin (Reference) Technique and Dilution
Anti-Alpha-Tubulin Loading Control Mouse Monoclonal Sigma (T9026) WB (1:1000)
Anti-BrdU Transcription Assay Mouse Monoclonal Sigma (B8434) IE (1:50)
Anti-Fibrillarin Nucleolus Mouse Monoclonal ABCAM (ab4566) IF (1:500)
Anti-Histone H2AX phospho-Ser139 DNA Damage Mouse Monoclonal Millipore (05–636) WB (1:1000)
IF (1:200)
Anti-HP1 gamma Heterochromatin Mouse Monoclonal Millipore (05–689) IF (1:100)
Anti-RNA Pol II H5 antibody Transcription sites Mouse Monoclonal Covance (MMS-129R) IE (1:50)
Anti-TMG Cap Nuclear Speckle (IGC) Mouse Monoclonal Oncogene (NA02A) IF (1:100)
Anti-WRAP53 DNA Damage Mouse Monoclonal ABNOVA (H00055135-M04) WB (1:2000)
IF (1:200)
IE (1:100)
Anti-53BP1 DNA Damage/repair Rabbit Polyclonal Bethyl Laboratories (A300-272A) WB (1:1000)
IF (1:250)
IE (1:50)
Anti-ATM Phospho-Ser1981 DNA Damage Rabbit Polyclonal Cell Signaling (4526) WB (1:500)
IF (1:100)
Anti-Coilin 210.4 antibody Cajal Body Rabbit Polyclonal Provided by Prof. A.I. Lamond IF (1:250)
IE (1:50)
Anti-Fibrillarin 12.3 antibody Nucleolus Rabbit Polyclonal Provided by Prof. M.Carmo-Fonseca IE (1:100)
Anti-Histone H2AX phospho-Ser139 DNA Damage Rabbit Polyclonal Novus (NB100-384) IF (1:200)
Anti-Trimethyl-Histone H4 (Lys 20) Heterochromatin Rabbit Polyclonal Millipore (07–463) IF (1:250)
Anti-Ubiquityl H2A DNA Damage Rabbit Polyclonal Millipore (05–678) WB (1:1000)
IF (1:100)
  1. WB western blotting, IF immunofluorescence microscopy, IE immunogold electron microscopy