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Table 1 Compounds with reported remyelinating activity

From: Clobetasol promotes remyelination in a mouse model of neuromyelitis optica

Compound Model systems Proposed mechanisms References
Benztropine EAE, cuprizone mouse model Muscarinic agonist [8]
CDP-choline EAE, cuprizone mouse model Protein kinase C-mediated OPC proliferation [37]
Clemastine Lysolecithin mouse model Antihistamine, anticholinergic [20]
Clobetasol Lysolecithin model, EAE Glucocorticoid receptor signaling, Hedgehog signaling, OPC differentiation [10, 24, 27, 34, 44]
Enprofylline Kainic acid-induced spinal cord injury ex vivo Adenosine receptor antagonist [21]
Fasudil OPC culture Rho-kinase inhibitor, vasodilator [2]
GC-1 OPC culture/P7 mouse model of myelination Thyroid receptor agonist, OPC differentiation [4]
Indazole EAE Estrogen receptor beta agonist [22]
Miconazole Lysolecithin model, EAE ERK1/2 activator, OPC differentiation [14, 24]
Olesoxime Lysolecithin mouse model, cuprizone mouse model Mitochondrial pore modulator [18]
Quercetin EAE γ-secretase inhibition interfering with canonical Notch signaling [15]
Quetiapine EAE, cuprizone model, cerebral ischemia Free radical scavenging, neurotrophic factor stimulation [51]
Retinoic acid Lysolecithin model, ethidium bromide model Retinoid X receptor γ agonist [13]
Y-27632 Lysolecithin in cerebellar slice cultures Rho-kinase inhibitor [31]