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Table 1 Detail of the patients. The spinal cord specimens from three sporadic ALS and control patients with other diseases were analyzed. Disease controls include Parkinson’s diseases, cerebrovascular disease, and liver failure

From: Neuregulin 1 confers neuroprotection in SOD1-linked amyotrophic lateral sclerosis mice via restoration of C-boutons of spinal motor neurons

ID Diagnosis Clinical information Time of sampling after death (hrs)
Patient ID. Primary Diagnosis Secondary Diagnosis Age at death Gender Site of Onset Disease Course (yrs)
ALS-43 SALS   74 Male Respiratory & trunk 1.75 6
ALS-47 SALS FTD 65 Female Bulbar 1.25 7
ALS-60 SALS   58 Female Bulbar 3 3
Control-19 Parkinson's disease   80 Female NA NA 2.5
Control-20 Basilar artery occlusion   38 Male NA NA 6
Control-44 Liver Failure   80 Female NA NA 5