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Table 5 Ordinal logistic regression analyses investigating relationships of Braak NFT stage, BNE NT stage and TSA with age according to dementia status

From: Epidemiological pathology of Tau in the ageing brain: application of staging for neuropil threads (BrainNet Europe protocol) to the MRC cognitive function and ageing brain study

Dependent No dementia Dementia
variables OR 95 % CI(OR) p OR 95 % CI(OR) p
Braak NFT St. 1.08a (1.01; 1.15) 0.017 0.99 (0.94; 1.04) 0.674
BNE NT St. 1.09a (1.02; 1.16) 0.014 0.98 (0.93; 1.03) 0.473
TSA 1.02 (0.96; 1.09) 0.504 1.06 (1.00; 1.12) 0.072
  1. aExplanatory note: OR here means that that for each extra year of life: the chances of moving from braak 0/II to III/IV (or braak III/IV to V/VI) increases in 1.08 times and the chances of moving from NTS I/II to III/IV (or NTS III/IV to V/VI) increases in 1.09 times