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Fig. 7

From: Low autophagy capacity implicated in motor system vulnerability to mutant superoxide dismutase

Fig. 7

More accumulation of insoluble ubiquitinated proteins in hSOD1G93A than hSOD1G127X mice. a Western blots for ubiquitinated proteins in detergent-insoluble fractions extracted from the spinal cords of terminally ill mice and their littermates (n = 3 per genotype). β-Actin in whole homogenate was used as an internal marker. b Densitometric calculations of the relative expression levels of ubiquitinated insoluble proteins in various mouse genotypes. Data are given as mean ± SD. **P < 0.01 vs. hSOD1G127X. ## P < 0.01 vs. hSOD1G127X/Becn1 +/- (one-way ANOVA with Tukey-Kramer’s test). Temporal changes of ubiquitinated insoluble proteins in either (c) hSOD1G127X/Becn1 +/- mice and littermates (n = 3–5 per genotype) or (d) hSOD1G93A/Becn1 +/- mice and littermates (n = 4 per genotype). **P < 0.01 vs. disease stage-matched hSOD1G127X. ## P < 0.01 vs. disease stage-matched hSOD1G93A. N.S. not significant vs. 150-day-old hSOD1G127X (one-way ANOVA with Tukey-Kramer’s test)

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