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Fig. 4

From: Low autophagy capacity implicated in motor system vulnerability to mutant superoxide dismutase

Fig. 4

Impaired autophagy worsens ALS-related pathological changes in spinal cords of hSOD1G127X mice. The hSOD1G127X/Becn1 +/- mice and littermates were analyzed at three distinct stages of the disease: a presymptomatic (150 days), a symptomatic (10 % weight loss), and the terminal stage. The lumbar spinal cord sections were immunostained with antibodies against (a) NeuN, (c) GFAP, or (d) Iba1, which are specific markers for neurons, astrocytes, or microglia, respectively. We used 320-day-old non-transgenic (Non-Tg) and Becn1 +/- mice. b Quantification of NeuN-positive α-motor neurons in the lumbar spinal cords (n = 3–5 per genotype). **P < 0.01 vs. disease stage-matched hSOD1G127X. N.S. not significant vs. 150-day-old hSOD1G127X (one-way ANOVA with Tukey-Kramer post-hoc test.). Scale bars: 100 μm

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