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Table 1 Summary of PGNT cases: clinical and radiological characteristics and follow-up

From: Papillary glioneuronal tumors: histological and molecular characteristics and diagnostic value of SLC44A1-PRKCA fusion

  Sex Age (y) Location Cyst GTR Clinical follow-up Status at follow-up
case 1 F 6 parietal yes yes radiotherapy, second location temporal treated by surgery NED (6 y)
case 2 M 8 intraventricular (V3) no yes - NED (9 y)
case 3 M 14 temporal yes yes residual micronodule non progressive (3 y)
case 4 F 5 parietal no no - NED (9 m)
  1. F female, GTR gross total resection, M male, m month, NA not available, NED no evidence of disease, y year