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Table 1 Antibodies used for immunocytochemistry

From: Autoimmune encephalitis in humans: how closely does it reflect multiple sclerosis ?

Primary antibody Antibody type Target Source Staining
PLP Mouse (mAB) Proteolipid protein MCA8394; AbD Serotec 1:1000; E
MAG Mouse (mAB) Myelin-associated glycoprotein ab89780; Abcam 1:1000; E
MOG Mouse /mAB) Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein 8-18C5; C. Lininton, Cardiff, UK 1:1000; C
GFAP Mouse (mAB) Glial fibrillary acid protein 0410080; ThermoSc 1:200; E
pNF Mouse (mAB) Phosphorylated Neurofilament Affinity, SMI31,NA1219, Exeter, UK 1:20000; E
APP Mouse (mAB) Amyloid precursor protein MAB348; Chemicon, Temecula, CA, USA 1:1000; C
Iba1 Rabbit (pAB) Ionized calcium binding adaptor molecule 1 019-19741; WAKO Chemicals, Neuss, Germany 1:3000; E
CD68 Mouse (mAB) Cluster of Differentiation 68 M0814; Dako 1:100; E
p22phox Rabbit (pAB) NADPH oxidase Sc-20781; Santa Cruz, 1:100; C
CD3 Rabbit (mAB) T-cells RM-9107-S; Neomarkers, Fremont, CA, USA 1:2000; E
CD4 Mouse (mAB) CD4 T-cells ACRIS, 1F6; DM-119-05, San Diego, CA, USA 1:1000; E
CD8 Mouse (mAB) CD8 T-cells M7103; Dako, Glostrup, Denmark 1:250; E
CD20 Mouse (mAB) B-cells MS-340-S; Neomarkers, Fremont, CA, USA 1:100; E
CD138 Mouse (nAB) Plasma Cells Serotec, MCA 681H; UK 1:500; E
GranB Mouse (mAB) Granzyme B MS-1157-S; Neomarkers, Fremont, CA, USA 1:1000; E
IgG Rabbit (pAB) Imunoglobulin G A0423, DAKO, Glostrup, DK 1:400; Prot.
IgA Rabbit (pAB) Immunoglobulin A A042, DAKO, Glostrup, DK 1:2000; Prot.
IgM Rabbit (pAB) Immunoglobulin M A426; DAKO, Glostrup, DK 1:400; Prot
C9neo Rabbit (pAB) Compement C9neo antigen P. Morgan; Cardiff, UK 1:2000; Prot
PCNA Mouse (mAB) Proliferating cell nuclear antigen M0879, DAKO, Glostrup, DK 1:10000; C
E06 Mouse (mAB) Oxidized phospholipids Avantilipids; 330001S, Alabaster, AL, USA 10μg/ml; none
α-Syn Mouse (mAB) α-Synuclein Aj.ROBOSCREEN, mab 5G4 1:1000; C
AT8 Mouse (mAB) Phosphorylated tau-protein (PHF) Immunogenetics, Ghent, Belgium 1:2000; C
AIF Rabbit (pAB) Apoptosis inducing factor Milipore, AB16501; Temecula, CA 1:250; C
  1. mAB monoclonal antibody, pAB polyclonal antibody, C citrate buffer pH 6, E ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid buffer pH 9.0, prot Protease XXIV; 0.03 %, 15 min