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Fig. 5

From: Heterogeneity of aquaporin-4 localization and expression after focal cerebral ischemia underlies differences in white versus grey matter swelling

Fig. 5

Perivascular Aqp4 after MCAO. a-i micrographs of rat brain tissue immunolabeled for Aqp4 (white) and co-labeled for RECA-1 (red) in the control (CTR) cortex (a, d), the control subcortical white matter (g), the cortical infarct core at 10 and 48 hours reperfusion (b, c), the cortical penumbra at 10 and 48 hours reperfusion (e, f), or the subcortical white matter ipsilateral to MCAO at 10 and 48 hours reperfusion (h, i) showing loss of perivascular Aqp4 in the cortical infarct core by 10 hours reperfusion, attenuated perivascular Aqp4 in the cortical penumbra by 10 hours reperfusion, and increased perivascular Aqp4 in the subcortical white matter by 48 hours reperfusion. j visualization of temporal analysis of perivascular Aqp4 in experimental ROIs; IR = immunoreactivity; abscissa denotes control animals (CTR) and reperfusion-time after 2 hour ischemia; n = 4 rats per group; * p < 0.05 in comparison to the control baseline, depicted as dotted horizontal line

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