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Fig. 4

From: Heterogeneity of aquaporin-4 localization and expression after focal cerebral ischemia underlies differences in white versus grey matter swelling

Fig. 4

Aqp4 subcellular distribution after MCAO. a-e montages of micrographs of rat brain tissue immunolabeled for Aqp4 (white) in the control (CTR) cortical grey matter (GM) (a), the cortical penumbra after 2 hour ischemia and 24 hours reperfusion (b), the cortical infarct core after 2 hour ischemia and 24 hours reperfusion (c), the control subcortical white matter (WM), including the lateral corpus callosum and external capsule (d), or the ipsilateral subcortical white matter 2 hours ischemia and 48 hours reperfusion (I/R) (e) showing decreased perivascular Aqp4 in the cortical penumbra and cortical infarct but increased Aqp4 in the subcortical white matter after ischemia; scale bar 100 μm

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