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Fig. 1

From: Heterogeneity of aquaporin-4 localization and expression after focal cerebral ischemia underlies differences in white versus grey matter swelling

Fig. 1

Aqp4 in ischemic human cortex. a, b montages of micrographs of tissue from control (CTR) human cortex (a) or ischemic human cortex from patients with ischemic stroke (b) immunolabeled for Aqp4 (white), showing perivascular Aqp4 in the control human cortex (filled arrowheads) and loss of perivascular Aqp4 in the ischemic cortex; scale bars 200 μm. c-f micrographs of control cortical tissue (c, e) or ischemic cortex (d, f) immunolabeled for Aqp4 (white) and co-labeled for CD31 (red) (c, d) or S100 (red) (e, f), showing attenuation of perivascular Aqp4 in the ischemic cortex (d), with no increased Aqp4 in the somata or processes of astrocytes in the ischemic cortex (f); micrographs in C and E depict merged fluorescent channels for Aqp4 and either CD31 or S100; micrographs in D and F individually depict the Aqp4 channel, the CD31 or S100 channel, and the merged fluorescent image; scale bars 20 μm

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