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Table 2 Primary antibody information

From: Post-mortem brain analyses of the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936: extending lifetime cognitive and brain phenotyping to the level of the synapse

Western blots
Antibody Company Code Dilution  
PHF1 Peter Davies   1:500  
Tau13 Covance MMS-520R-500 1:2000
GAPDH Abcam, Ab8245 1:2000
Beta-actin Abcam Ab8226 1:2000
Synaptophysin Abcam Ab8049 1:5000
Beta-III-tubulin Abcam Ab18207 1:1000
MBP AbD Serotec MCA409s 1:500
Histone Abcam Ab1791 1:1000
VDAC1/Porin Abcam Ab34726 1:500
GluN2B BD Biosciences 610416 1:500
Synapsin Millipore AB1543P 1:20000
Antibody Company Code Dilution Pre-treatment
Beta Amyloid (BA4) Dako M087201-2 1:100 98 % formic acid 5 min
Alpha Synuclein Life Technologies 32-8100 1:200 Pressure cooker/formic acid
TDP-43 2B Scientific CAC-TIP-PTD-MO1 1:4000 Pressure cooker/citric acid
pTau (AT8) Thermo MN1020 1:2500 None
Ubiquitin Dako Z0458 1:500 Pressure cooker/citric acid
GFAP Dako Z0334 1:800 None
CD68 Dako M0876 1:100 Pressure cooker/citric acid
Array tomography
Antibody Company Code Dilution Secondary antibody
AW7 Dominic Walsh   1:1000 Donkey α Rabbit – AF488
Synaptophysin Abcam Ab8049 1:50 Donkey α Mouse – AF594
ApoE Abcam Ab7620 1:50 Donkey α Goat – AF647
PSD95 Abcam Ac12093 1:50 Donkey α Goat – AF488