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Fig. 5 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Fig. 5

From: DNA copy number analysis of Grade II–III and Grade IV gliomas reveals differences in molecular ontogeny including chromothripsis associated with IDH mutation status

Fig. 5

a. Venn diagrams of the percent of tumors in each of the 1p/19q non-co-deleted glioma groups with gain of EGFR, PTEN loss, and/or CDKN2A loss. Percents are given for intersecting regions. The diameter of each circle is proportional to the percent of tumors in each subgroup with a CNA affecting the gene. b. Heatmap of known glioma-associated genes and pathways in each of the four 1p/19q non-co-deleted groups of gliomas. Only chromosome abnormalities significant by GISTIC were included. Blue indicates gain and red indicates loss. The strength of the color indicates the percent of tumors with that alteration

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