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Table 3 Enriched ontology terms associated with ACP-exclusive genes. Limma identified 384 genes that were exclusively expressed in ACP compared to a normal brain tissues and a variety of CNS and peripheral malignancies. DAVID was used to identify 23 enriched ontologies (FDR < 0.005) that are shown ranked according to fold enrichment. Abbreviation: Ontology ID prefix GO, Gene ontology biological process; BP, panther biological process; HSA, KEGG pathway; FDR, Benjamini false discovery rate adjusted p-value

From: Identification of targets for rational pharmacological therapy in childhood craniopharyngioma

Ontology term ID Fold enrichment p-Value FDR
Biomineral formation GO:31214 13.38 2.53E-07 5.50E-05
Odontogenesis of dentine-containing tooth GO:42475 11.28 5.50E-06 8.69E-04
Epidermis development GO:8544 11.06 3.10E-27 2.70E-24
Ectoderm development GO:7398 10.78 2.62E-28 4.55E-25
Epidermal cell differentiation GO:9913 9.17 6.27E-08 1.56E-05
Keratinocyte differentiation GO:30216 9.17 2.74E-07 5.29E-05
Odontogenesis GO:42476 9.17 5.23E-06 9.09E-04
Epithelial cell differentiation GO:30855 8.43 5.25E-13 3.04E-10
Skeletal development BP:201 5.81 7.85E-07 1.96E-05
Epithelium development GO:60429 5.57 1.46E-10 6.33E-08
Bone development GO:60348 5.37 1.42E-05 0.00205
Ossification GO:1503 5.26 4.46E-05 0.00515
Cell structure BP:286 3.72 2.38E-14 2.98E-12
Cell adhesion-mediated signaling BP:120 3.66 4.34E-08 1.36E-06
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction HSA:4060 3.38 5.13E-05 0.00557
Skeletal system development GO:1501 3.28 2.06E-05 0.00274
Cell structure and motility BP:285 2.85 2.68E-13 1.68E-11
Cell adhesion GO:7155 2.83 4.39E-08 1.52E-05
Biological adhesion GO:22610 2.82 4.48E-08 1.30E-05
Cell communication BP:274 2.46 6.08E-10 2.53E-08
Cell adhesion BP:124 2.30 1.57E-04 0.00280
Regulation of cell proliferation GO:42127 2.24 3.69E-05 0.00457
Signal transduction BP:102 1.43 1.21E-04 0.00251