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Figure 5

From: FUS/TLS deficiency causes behavioral and pathological abnormalities distinct from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Figure 5

Protein expression analysis of FUS/TLS KO mice. (a) Staining of nuclear SMN1 granules (Gems) in the hippocampal CA3 regions of WT and KO mice at 8 weeks. Number of Gems was not altered in KO mice (P = 0.49, n = 3, t-test). (b) Staining of Rck/Ddx6, a marker of P-body (scale bar: 10 μm). (c, d) Immunostaining of stress granules markers (TIAR in c and eIF3eta in d) in the CA3 region. (e) TDP-43 staining in the CA3 region (scale bar 10 μm). (f) Staining of PSD-95 in the hippocampus (scale bar: 500 μm), FMR1 and Kv1.1 in the CA1 region (scale bar: 10 μm). (g) Protein expression analysis of total lysates from the hippocampus of FUS/TLS knockout mice at 8 weeks.

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