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Figure 1

From: Early detection of structural abnormalities and cytoplasmic accumulation of TDP-43 in tissue-engineered skins derived from ALS patients

Figure 1

Structural abnormalities detected in ALS-derived tissue engineered skins. a) Macroscopic pictures of control-derived and ALS-derived tissue-engineered skins when cultured at the air-liquid interface. b) Masson’s trichrome colorations, specifically staining the dermis (DE) in blue and epidermis (EP) in purple, revealed a number of structural abnormalities including undifferentiated epidermis, abnormal dermo-epidermal junctions, delamination, abnormal collagen organization, keratinocyte infiltration and cohesive failure of the stratum corneum (SC) in both C9orf72 FALS- and SALS-derived skins. In contrast control-derived reconstructed skins showed a well-developed and differentiated epidermis and highly organized dermis.

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