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Table 2 Similarities and differences between AD-pretangle and CBD-pretangle

From: Ultrastructural differences in pretangles between Alzheimer disease and corticobasal degeneration revealed by comparative light and electron microscopy

Pretanle NFT Pretangle Pick like inclusion
LM findings (confocal images) Morphology Granular Fibrillary Reticular Round, frequent vacuoles
Perinuclear accentuation Occiasional Occasional None None
Size of neurons involved Small- to large- sized Small- to large- sized Medium- to large-sized Small-sized
EM findings Density of tau filaments Very sparse*1 Very dense*2 Sparse Dense
Arrangement of tau filaments Irregular/regular (focal NFT formation*3) Regular (NFT formation) Irregular Irregular
Diameter of straight filaments About 15 nm About 15 nm 14-20 nm About 15 nm
PHF (a periodicity) Occasional (about 80 nm) Frequent (about 80 nm) None Occasional (130–180 nm)
  1. IHC, immunohistochemistry; LM, light microscopy; EM, electron microscopy; PHF, paired helical filaments; *1, Density of straight tau filament is more sparse in AD-pretangles than in CBD-pretangles; *2, Density of tau filaments is more dense in AD-NFT than in Pick-like inclusions of CBD; *3, NFT, neurofibrillary tangle signifying a regularly and tightly arranged bundle of straight or paired helical filaments.